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Types of Data Wiring

D&D Electric installs all types of residential data wiring. Some of the types of data wires we install include fiber-optic, twisted-pair, and coaxial. Talk to our staff about your in-home data needs and we can develop a plan for best results.


Wiring Installation

Crosstalk and noise can become a real problem. Proper installation can minimize these issues, which improves the quality of the signal. Crosstalk can sometimes be noticed when outside phone conversations are heard on an occupied line. Noise can be the result of flourescent lights, motors, or other electrical appliances that have been coupled onto the wiring. Proper planning can prevent many of these issues.


Terminal Locations

Thoughtful planning can make sure appropriate terminal locations are located throughout the home. Whether new construction, renovation, or addition, it is important to make sure data terminals are located where they are needed. D&D Electric will take the time to work with the homeowner and contractor to make sure a terminal is where it should be - in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, etc. The network hub feeds each of these, and should be located in the utility room as it is the easiest place to access for maintenance.