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One of the things that we do best is small repairs. We always have time for your little jobs that can easily get postponed and forgotten.

Let us take care of your odds & ends jobs, from one or two things all the way up to an entire list of things you have put off way too long. We can troubleshoot and repair faulty circuitry, switches and outlets, we can replace and update light fixtures – there really isn’t any project that is too small.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Over time there are bound to be electrical problems in a home or business. Proper troubleshooting can diagnose the issue is when it isn't obvious. Sometimes, what seems like a small electricity problem can be a symptom of a much larger and potentially dangerous situation. We don't work on appliances or electronics, only building wiring and home/business electrical systems. Call us for more information if you are having problems with electricity in your home or business in South Dakota.

Breaker Panel Service & Repair

Having the right breaker panels and fuse boxes in a home is important for safety and functionality. It is important that the right amperage and loads are applied to the different parts of the home. Servicing the electric panel will ensure a properly functioning electrical system. If there are problems with electricity in the home or business, our licensed electricians can troubleshoot and make professional repairs.

Home Rewiring

Rewiring a home to update it to modern standards can be a very extensive electrical project and should be performed by a professional electrician. Our technicians work hard to install wiring that will provide years of safe, trouble-free use. Updating a home's wiring can increase the resale value, reduce time on the market, and help pass real estate inspections. There is no perfect time to update the wires in a home, but many of our clients do it during a home renovation or addition.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

D & D Electric can troubleshoot ceiling fans, replace the existing ceiling fan, or install a new one. You select the fan of your choice, and our electricians will perform the installation.