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Benefits of Recessed Light

Installing recessed lighting during a build or adding it to a renovation or remodel has many benefits. A change from hanging light fixtures to in ceiling lights can totally upgrade and makeover a room. It can make the room feel bigger due to more visual space (fixtures don't hang down into view)


Types of Recess Lighting

General lighting is the most popular reason for selecting lights that recess into the ceiling. Lights should be arranged into the space to shape the lighting and reduce glare. Recessed lighting can also be used for subject lighting. This means highlighting a particular feature in the room like art on the wall or a sculpture. Task lighting means designing the electrical system to highlight work areas in a kitchen, office, or other space where good visibility is desired.


Can Light Electricians

Recessed can lighting should be installed by a licensed and professional electrician. It can be quite complicated to install, especially during a renovation where panel or wiring updates may be required. There are safety and structural concerns that should not be overlooked. Older homes may not have proper wiring for this type of lighting. D&D Electric can evaluate which electrical components teh home or business has, and take care of the planning for recessed lighting installation that saves money, time, and electricity fire hazards.