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In Floor Radiant Heating

In floor radiant heat is usually installed in parts of the home where cold hard surface flooring is desired. Bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, and even basements. In floor heating has its own thermostat and is meant to compliment the existing heating system in the home. In floor heating is popular during the construction of a new house, but it is also in high demand for remodeling or additions. Heated tile floors can increase the desirability during the sale of a home, which can increase the sale price or reduce time on the market.


Self Install vs Professional

While some homeowners try to self install their own in-floor heating, the quality of materials and construction is often sub-par. A professional licensed electrician like D&D Electric can make sure the new electrical circuit is done properly. Our heated flooring installation saves time and stress when working alone or with a contractor.


Plan and Installation

D&D Electric will plan out the installation of radiant floor heat to make sure it is safe and functional. Heated floors should not be installed under cabinets, bathtubs, and showers. It should also be a safe distance from wax seals for toilets or bidets. Standard or high-tech thermostats are available. Heated floors are compatible with many different styles of tile flooring, but certain types work better than others. We can help select the right kind of floor tiling for optimal results.