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Installing Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are popular addition to homes in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Tea, Hartford, and Dell Rapids. Our certified electricians can make sure your hot tub or whirlpool is installed for safe use. We will also make sure the home electrical system can handle the additional load a hot tub can present.


Prior to Install

It is important to make sure the electrical system in the home can handle the extra load a hot tub can cause. Although this usually isn't a problem for modern homes, it is very important to check. We can check the panel rating to be sure.


Indoor vs Outdoor

There are important considerations for installing hot tubs that will be inside vs outside. Some things that may vary are GFCI outlets and wiring, PVC electrical conduit and fittings, and wire sizing.

Special Considerations

Some hot tubs may require a special subpanel disconnect with multiple GFCI breakers. One for the heating element and another for the water pump and other components. While installing the spa, the voltage required may mean special step. We are familiar with multiple kinds of interior and exterior whirlpools, and will be sure to complete the installation as per manufacturer and municipal requirements.