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Electric Garage Heat

When installed properly, electric garage heaters are generally safer than traditional fossil fuel furnaces. There are no dangerous gasses, and the risk of fire is substantially less. Beyond safety reasons, electric heaters are often less expensive to purchase, and are often more efficient than their gas, oil, or propane counterparts. D&D Electric can even hook the electric furnace to a solar panel source for additional savings. A forced fan electric garage heater is easy to operate, maintenance free, and able to heat areas where other options may not be feasible.

Selecting A Garage Heater

An electric garage heater with a fan can be the right choice for residential or commercial applications. These heating units convert electricity into heat. The heating element creates heat when electric current flows through a resistor. A fan moves air over this device, which spreads heat through the space. Heating a garage via electric energy is often more rapid than other heater/furnace types as well. The friendly staff at D&D electric can help with choosing the right heater for your garage.

Commercial Garages

D&D Electric has experience installing heaters and furnaces of all sizes. Whether for a 1 car or a large shop or warehouse, our garage heater installations are done by licensed electricians who do top knotch work.