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Two Prong to Three Prong

Many older homes in Sioux Falls, SD still have original two prong outlets. Converting from two prong to three prong can be a matter of convenience as many modern appliances and electronics require a grounded outlet. It is also a safety issue


GFCI Outlet Replacement

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) protect against potential electric hazards. These outlets constantly monitor the electricity that flows in a circuit. If it detects an interruption in the flow of electricity, the outlet itself shuts off power to that circuit. Practically speaking, a GFI or GFCI outlet protects against electric shocks from faulty devices that are commonly used in every modern home.


Other Electric Outlet Types

Other common types of outlets D&D Electric installs include USB outlets, recessed outlets, AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interupters), TRR (Tamper Resistant Receptacles), and LED night lights. Each of these have important reasons for use, whether safety or functionality. We can help decide which type of outlets are right for your new construction, basement remodel, or home addition project. We also update electrical outlets for cosmetic reasons, making sure the entire room looks the way the homeowner desires.

Burned or Charred Outlets

If an outlet cover looks brown or burnt, the plate should be replaced for cosmetic reasons. However, this can be a sign of a hot wire that isn't grounded. These outlets may need to be rewired or completely replaced.

Installing Additional Outlets

Many modern homes require additional outlets to meet the current needs of the homeowner. Adding additional outlets are often needed in businesses that are expanding or changing services. For any outlet additions or replacements, the licensed electricians at D&D Electric will get the job done right.