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Modern Home Electrical

As homes age and electricity demand changes, electric panels may be in need of upgrading. Often, they have difficulty handling the increased load put on the entire electrical system. Older homes were simply not designed to function with multiple apliances, TV's, HVAC, computers, chargers, lights, etc running at the same time at all hours of the day. While a remodel, renovation, or addition are a good time to update electric panels, D&D Electric can help determine if the existing electric panel is suffecient for modern electricity demand.


Electric Panel Problems

There are several common signs that a panel needs updating. Flickering lights or outlets that are constantly tripping breakers and blowing fuses are one of the most common. The system could simply be malfunctioning. Or it could be overloaded circuits. Failure to trip breaker switches or constantly blown fuses are relatively easy to diagnose. More dangerous are failure to trigger these safety features. There is a real danger of fire, smoke damage, melting wires, and electrical arcs.

Panel Replacement

When a home in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Tea, Hartford, and Dell Rapids is displaying signs of an outdated and dangerous panel, call D&D Electric. We can measure the power drawn through the system to make sure it is safe. We can install a new breaker box and panel if the electrical panel is old, malfunctioning, or in need of expansion.