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Updating Electrical For Code

There are countless preventable household accidents every year, including home fires, injuries, and even deaths. Blown fuses are a frustration for any person who has owned an outdated or older home. The NEC sets electrical code standards for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection. A standardized set of guidelines for electrical code updates protects individuals and property from the electricity hazards.


Home Electrical Inspection

D&D Electric can go through your home to ensure the electrical systems do not need an upgrade that presents unnecessary hazards. We will check to be sure the latest requirements for wiring, equipment and installation are met. In the long run, electric code upgrades can save money, liability, injury, and even death.


When Are Code Updates Required?

All new construction should include proper electrical installation. Older homes are sometimes required when there is panel replacement, we can work with the local inspector to determine if upgrades are necessary. Updates to a home or business electricity systems can make the sale of the structure go more smoothly. It is very common for electric issues to come up during standard inspections. This can delay or even prevent a property sale.